Media News : ‘Vanderpump Rules’: Lala Kent Shares Update on How She Feels About James Kennedy .

Lala Kent and James Kennedy have had their share of issues on Vanderpump Rules, both with each other and with other cast members. 

The two have gone from best friends to enemies and everything in between. They both have no problem speaking their minds and have explosive personalities. Kent and Kennedy each have struggled with alcoholism. 

Three long-term relationships ended as season 10 of Lisa Vanderpump’s show began. Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney ended their marriage, while Lala called off her relationship with fiance Randall Emmett. James and fiance Raquel Leviss have also broken up. 

Lala is happy to share her feelings on everything Vanderpump Rules

Lala Kent has ‘no beef’ with James Kennedy

Lala recently appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, along with Katie Maloney.

Andy played one of his typical games with the Give Them Lala author called “Lala Vent,” where he went through the Pump Rules crew, and his guest could say one thing that is currently annoying her about each person. When he got to James, her reply was, “I have no beef with him right now.”

Her response to the DJ’s ex, Raquel, wasn’t as kind. “I need her to plug in y’all. Like she’s been running on low for way too long,” she told Andy. 

The Lala Kent and James Kennedy hookup

It has been obvious to many that the friends had hooked up at one point or another. 

During the first episode of the new season, the two were talking about the DJ’s new girlfriend, Ally Lewber. During that conversation, Lala said, “James and I, when we were very new in our relationships, definitely hooked up.”

This means that both Lala cheated on Randall and James cheated on Raquel. 

Ocean’s mom then decided to bring it to Raquel’s attention. “Well, I’m going to tell you something. James and I definitely hooked up,” she said over dinner, and then clarified that it was when both relationships were new. 

Later, Raquel told producers that Lala is an “effing hypocrite.”

What did DJ James Kennedy say about the cheating scandal?


‘Vanderpump Rules’: Lala Kent Recently Iced out Tom Schwartz After Saying She Had ‘Love’ and ‘Support’ for Him

James spoke to E! News about the scandal during the Feb. 7 premiere party for the latest season of Pump Rules.

“Obviously, not a proud moment of mine,” James told the outlet. “I’m not perfect — I’m not now, and nor was I then in my early 20s — but I am 30 now and looking back, not a move I would make nowadays and good life lesson.”

He also said that he has done much “reflecting” since then.

He went on to gush about his new girlfriend. “When I see my relationship with Ally, I can honestly say I’ve truly never felt this way in my life before,” he gushed with Ally by his side. “Maybe I had to get to this place.”